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Who We Are
We stand for the voices of low income families in Boston and across the Commonwealth. We believe in the right to organize, the right to fight for justice and right to have a voice in the system that governors our community. We believe in social, economic and racial justice and will organize for positive change in our neighborhoods.

Get Out And Vote
As a community we have a choice in the power we want to build in Boston. Voting is one resource low income families have to fight for changes in our neighborhoods. As a nonpartisan organization we educate voters on all candidates, take positions on ballot questions that impact our community and protect the right to vote in our City.
Working Together We believe in working with partners who fight for social, economic and racial justice.  We know we are not alone in this fight and our allies with labor, youth, faith based, civil rights and neighborhood organizations are key at the success we have towards building one City in Boston.

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